Thursday, April 20, 2006

google calendar and korganizer

I felt that the steps to add a google calendar to korganizer are not obvious. So I am documenting the steps below:

a) Obatain a private URL: Click on the drag drop button next to calendar you are interested in. Click on "Calendar Setting". Click on the green ical button next to private address to get a URL that you can use to view your calendar in a read-only mode in any application compatible with iCalendar format.
b) Click on File->Import->Import Calendar.. menu item in korganizer.
c) In the file dialog box enter the URL from a) in Location and click open.
d) korganizer will prompt u with another dialog box. Click add new calendar there and your are done

KDE will show your events in korganizer.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kate : Editor worth coveting !!

A discussion about a favourite text editors generates an emotional outburst similar to outsourcing in the programming community. Thou shall not covet your neighbours operating-system and editor, is the mantra that restricts us from breaking into a fist-fight to seal the discussion on the best text editor. In such a breakground I am daring to talk about my favourite text editor.

Kate (KDE advanced text editor) is a powerful text editor that combines the power of emacs and the ease of use of notepad into one application. In my opinion KATE is the most advanced and user friendly linux editor. In this post I will present a review of kate 2.4. When you start the editor you will see a window somewhat similar to notepad. However the similarity with notepad ends in that both of them are WYSWYG editors.

Some of the interesting features of kate are:
  • Integrated panes that minimize to a button on the left or bottom of the editor. The panes can be restored by clicking upon the buttons.
  • Integrated pane Documents that lists the open documents
  • Integrated pane Filesystems Browser that can be used to browse and open a file. I find this more comfortable than the file dialog box [also available in kate] that is provided by most applications for opening a file.
  • Integrated pane Projects that can be used to group together multiple files and directories. The pane shows the files and directoris in the open project and is useful for monitoring the files associated with an activity.
  • Integrated terminal or shell console pane.
  • Intergrated find pane to search in multiple files.
  • Text highlighting for a wide variety of documet types.
  • Assortment of useful plugins. My favourite plugina are: a) festival TTS plugin b) tab bar that adds a tab bar listing the open documents.